G.S.P Jewellery Range for Professionals and Creative Crafters


What types of jewellery plating kits are available?

Welcome to our jewellery corner for professionals and creative crafters. Here we present a unique range of jewellery themed products, aimed at the creation/restoration of small jewellery pieces on a modest scale.

Our G.S.P Home Jeweller Kits are perfect for re-plating worn white gold rings, saving a trip to the jewellers each time a rhodium or platinum plate is required. The 3-step process is quick, hassle-free, and gives commercial-quality results. Please see the product pages for a video demonstration.

For the creative-minded, we present the G.S.P Belle Fleur Kit. This kit allows for the innovation of bespoke copper jewellery pieces which integrate non-conductive elements, via the process of electroforming.


Do you offer any accessories for jewellers?

We have a selection of glass and acrylic beads in 5 colour options, and a jewellery making equipment pack to compliment the G.S.P Belle Fleur. Components from these products can be combined with natural elements, such as leaves and flowers, to create on-trend jewellery pieces of your own unique design.