G.S.P Home Jeweller White Gold Ring Plating Kit with Rhodium contents
  • Men's wedding ring electroplated with rhodium solution
  • G.S.P Home Jeweller White Gold Ring Plating Kit with Rhodium contents

G.S.P Home Jeweller White Gold Ring Plating Kit with Rhodium

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Introducing the Home Jeweller from Gold Solutions Plating.

Over time, white gold rings appear to ‘yellow’, this is due to the white coloured rhodium surface wearing away, revealing the slightly yellow white gold metal underneath. This is undesirable, especially if your wedding and engagement rings do not become discoloured at the same rate, and usually results in a trip to the jewellers costing £40-£60 for a rhodium replating service, which typically lasts for 6 months to a year.

The G.S.P Home Jeweller allows you to re-plate your rings in under ten minutes, using the same solutions and technology as those used at the jewellers, but in the comfort of your own home and at a fraction of the cost per ring. The kit is safe for all white/yellow gold rings, with or without stones, requires a small working area and is simple and easy to use. It contains enough rhodium to plate up to 20 rings, with rhodium re-fills available from us if you run out, and we provide full instructions to ensure great results. If you choose to plate in another finish such as gold or rose gold, your kit will be more than capable, just enquire about the purchase of the additional required solutions!

The Home Jeweller is an ideal treat for yourself and also makes a lovely and unique gift for newlyweds, who will be sure to appreciate the future use of the kit to keep their rings looking as beautiful as they did on the day of their wedding.

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Please view our product video for more information on this kit.

Contents Listing

This kit contains:

2.25A Portable Plating Plug

50ml G.S.P Rhodium Plating Solution

100ml G.S.P Nickel Activator

250ml G.S.P Electrocleaner

100ml G.S.P Compound Polish

100ml G.S.P Gold Polish

4 x Chemical resistant pots

1 x Plating Probe

Wire Wool

1 x Copper Wire

Instruction manual

Overview of use

Full, detailed instructions are included with this kit.

The process for plating a ring in rhodium with this kit generally consists of:

Step 1: Polish / clean ring

Step 2: Lower into electrocleaner for 3 minutes then rinse.

Step 3: Lower into rhodium solution for 1 minute – 1.5 minutes.

You may then wish to lightly polish the ring if necessary.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the kit easy to use?

The kit requires no prior knowledge or experience with plating and the process is simple and quick. You are provided with a clear set of instructions to follow, the process consists of a few short main steps and these are highlighted in our product video.

Will this harm my rings?

No, the solutions used are completely safe for use on all white / yellow gold rings regardless of style or the inclusion of stones.

How much does each ring cost to plate versus the jewellers?

The average cost of a replating service at a high-street jeweller is £40-£60. If you factor in the cost of the full kit when estimating the cost of your first 20 rings, this works out at around £8.40 per ring. From then on, as you already own all of the equipment needed to re-plate your rings, you will only need to purchase a rhodium re-fill and this will then bring the cost per ring down to £4.97.

How much is a rhodium re-fill?

The cost of a 50ml rhodium re-fill from us is £99.49.

How long will the rhodium plating last?

Just like at the jewellers, how long the plating lasts depends on the user and the activities that they do whilst wearing the ring e.g. wearing your ring whilst washing up can accelerate the wearing of the rhodium plate. An individual’s skin ph also plays a part, and this will vary from person to person.

Please be aware that the use of hand-sanitisers and soaps play a part in reducing the lifespan of plating. This is particularly important to note at the moment, as the Coronavirus pandemic has seen us all using sanitisers much more often throughout the day. We recommend removing rings when sanitising and replacing once hands are dry.

On average, expect your plating to last for 6 months to a year before the process will need to be done again. Your ring will require replating at the same rate as it would if you had taken it to the jewellers.

How long do the solutions last?

The plating solutions with this kit last indefinitely, provided that they are not allowed to freeze and are not stored in direct sunlight. This is a huge benefit for customers that only wish to plate a few rings at the time of purchase, as they can store the plating solutions for a long period of time and they will remain suitable for future use.

How should I take care of my rhodium plated rings?

Please see our article How to Take Care of Plated Jewellery for a guide to keeping plated jewellery looking great.

Does this rhodium plating kit pose any health risks?

If the kit and solutions are handled responsibly, as per the instructions, they pose no more of a direct health risk than other commonly used household products such as bleach. You should always keep any chemicals away from children and animals and take due care and attention when handling them. This kit should be used by adults of 18 years and above only.

Technical Specs

Name of kit:

G.S.P Home Jeweller

Which plating machine is supplied in this kit? 

2.25A Portable Plating Plug. This is a dial operated, selectable voltage plating plug.

Please note that this machine comes with a UK plug - to use in the US or other countries, all that is required is a plug converter - this will convert a UK 3 pin plug into a standard 2 pin mains plug. These are inexpensive and available in hardware stores / online.

What is the maximum amp output of the supplied plating machine?

2.25 amps

Plating modes:

Mini tanking

Mirror Tech capabilities:


Is this kit compatible with all Gold Solutions Plating chemicals / solutions?

It is compatible with all our solutions / chemicals except G.S.P Tank Gold Solution. 

Does this kit come with the G.S.P 5 Point Support Package?


Additional information:

Specifically designed for plating rhodium over white / yellow gold.

Since the beginning of the Coronavirus pandemic, we have all been using an abundance of soap and sanitiser and most of us are using it much more frequently than we did before. The chemicals and compounds in these products can almost certainly affect the quality of your plated jewellery and can cause tarnishing that may be difficult to remove. They can also cause a dull, patchy appearance in the plating and are best avoided whilst wearing rings. We recommend removing plated rings before sanitising and replacing them once hands are completely dry.

The rhodium plating solution supplied with this kit should not be diluted.

Safety information:

This kit contains chemicals that are classed as hazardous, always wear appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) and ensure that you read and follow the supplied Safety Data Sheets for each chemical for details on how to stay safe.

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