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G.S.P Prodigy Range for Electroplating and Electroforming


Why choose a Prodigy Kit?

The kits in our Prodigy range, come with all the chemicals required to deal with all metal and non-conductive surfaces. All of the included chemicals in these kits, have been carefully chosen to ensure that no matter what you choose to plate, you have all of the required tools at your disposal, each chemical playing an important role in the success of your project. The inclusion of the Mirror-Tech System™ means that you do not need to worry about manually polishing your item before or after plating, this system does all of the hard work for you and ensures that your plated item has a highly reflective finish. This is particularly handy and timesaving, on awkwardly shaped or intricately detailed items.

Our 5 Point Support Package seals the deal, giving UK customers access via phone and email to our extensive knowledge and input every step of the way. 


Who are these kits suitable for?

With the pandemic hitting businesses hard, many are looking to rely less on outsourcing and do more in-house. If your business usually outsources plating, investing in a G.S.P Prodigy Kit will drastically cut costs and speed up productivity. These kits are also a fantastic business opportunity for those looking to set up a plating service, as thousands of everyday / household products can be reimagined and customised to create something really special - plate in gold, silver or a variety of other precious metal finishes.

The Prodigy range of kits are among our bestselling products as electroforming has gained popularity in recent years and is being utilised across a wide range of applications.  Many of our customers have had great success plating on metals and plastics using kits from this range. The kits are also ideal for creative types such as artists, sculptors and designers who use 3D print technology for prototyping. Jewellery makers can benefit hugely by utilising electroforming to create unique and bespoke pieces, crafted from a wide variety of organic and unusual artifacts.

Aside from the capacity the kits offer for electroforming, the Prodigy range also offers huge benefits for general plating and is perfect for jewellers that simply wish to plate their existing jewellery in a range of different finishes. The kits also serve as a vital tool for electroplating for clients working on a wide range of other projects. 


What are the kit size options?

The Prodigy kits are available in 3 sizes: 1 litre, 5 litres and 10 litres with larger sizes on request. The kits come with our G.S.P 24K Tank Gold Plating Solution as standard but as they are compatible with all precious metals, just browse our selection of chemicals if you would like to purchase an additional finish


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