G.S.P Prodigy 10.0 Electroforming / Electroplating Kit Contents
  • Electroformed and gold plated Playstation controller, GameBoy and other gaming items
  • Electroformed and gold plated Super Mario and Yoshi plastictoys
  • G.S.P Prodigy 10.0 Electroforming / Electroplating Kit Contents

G.S.P Prodigy 10.0 Electroforming / Electroplating Kit



The G.S.P Prodigy 10.0 Electroforming / Electroplating Kit, is our largest (10 litre) set-up in the Prodigy range. It comes with all chemicals required to deal with all metal and non-conductive surfaces. The kit is ideal for jewellers and those looking to plate on a variety of surfaces such as plastic, 3D printed surfaces, wood, and other organic materials such as leaves, stones and flowers e.g. roses. The options are almost limitless and allow for elite creativity, our clients have included film studios who have used our kits for the creation of props.

Of course, this kit is also perfect for general electroplating, suiting those that simply wish to plate existing metal items in a range of different finishes.  

The kit benefits from our Mirror-Tech System™ which produces a flawless plated finish, with no need for polishing and comes complete with our 5 Point Support Package. 


Contents Listing

This kit contains:

10A SmartAmp Plating Machine

10 litre G.S.P 24K Tank Gold

10 litres G.S.P Electroforming Copper with Mirror-Tech System

10 litres G.S.P Nickel Plating Solution

10 litres G.S.P Electrocleaner

10 litres G.S.P Nickel Activator

10 litres G.S.P Stainless Steel Activator

10 litres G.S.P Chrome Stripper

10 litres G.S.P AllyCu Solution

10 litres G.S.P Anodise Stripper

10 litres G.S.P Copper Strike

250ml Copper Brightener Part A

250ml Copper Brightener Part B

400ml Copper Electroforming Spray Paint

250ml G.S.P Compound Polish

250ml G.S.P Gold Polish

6 x 10 litre tanks

6 x PDO Copper Flat Anodes + Anode Bags

2 x Nickel Anodes + Anode Bags

12 x Stainless Steel Anodes

4 x Brush Plating Probes

2 x Tank heaters

2 x Tank Agitators

2 x Bus Bars

1 x Retort Stand

6 x Chemical Resistant Brush Plating Pots

1 x box Vinyl Safety Gloves

1 x pair of safety goggles

1 x black plating lead

3 x red plating leads

1 x Anode Connecting Lead

2 x Copper Rigging Wire

1 x Large bundle of swabbing (for brush plating)

Wire wool

4 x Plating Trays

Pack of plating nibs (for brush plating probes)

Full instruction manuals (including tutorial)

6 x practice pieces (used in conjunction with tutorial)

5 Point Package of Support

Overview of use

Full detailed instructions are supplied with this kit.

Here is a general overview of the electroforming process using plastic as an example:

Step 1: Spray paint the item with the supplied conductive paint.

Step 2: Rig the item to the copper wire

Step 3: Lower into electroforming tank having calculated the surface area. (link to article and video)

Step 4: After 3 to 6 hours, remove the item from the tank. Item will be mirror shiny. Now rinse the item.

Step 5: Lower into the nickel tank for 2-5 minutes and rinse.

Step 6: Lower into gold tank for between 2-4 minutes then rinse.

Click to see full-length tutorial here

For details on tank plating all metals see: How to Plate Various Metals.

Technical Specs

Name of kit: 

G.S.P Prodigy 10.0 Electroforming / Electroplating Kit (10 litres)

Which machine is supplied in this kit?

10A SmartAmp Plating Machine: 10-amp machine with integrated plating technology.

What is the maximum amp output of the supplied machine?

10 amps

Plating modes:

Pen, brush, tank

Mirror Tech capabilities:

This kit comes contains a complete Mirror Tech system.

Is this kit compatible with all Gold Solutions Plating chemicals / solutions?

Yes, additional / alternative precious metal finishes can be purchased separately.

Does this kit come with the G.S.P 5 Point Support Package?


Safety information:

This kit contains chemicals which are classed as hazardous, always wear appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) and ensure that you read and follow the supplied SDS sheets for each chemical for details on how to stay safe.