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Introducing our flagship plating range

Prodigy Kits
  • All metals and non-conductive surfaces
  • Tank, brush and pen plating
  • Mirror-Tech™ flawless finish
  • 5-point support package
  • The ultimate plating set-up

Find Out Which Kit is Best For You

Learn about the different processes that can be used to achieve excellent plating results and which kit is best for your needs.


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Chemicals and Supplies

All chemicals and supplies are available from our online shop. Easy to order and delivered direct to your door.


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Mirror-Tech System™

Our Mirror-Tech System™ brings a flawless mirror-shine to your plated items without the need for polishing or buffing.

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Support and Aftercare

Our 5-Point Support Package includes free technical advice, guidance and support via phone and email. Quick and efficient response times guaranteed.

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Wide range of pre-packaged or bespoke kits available
Browse below or contact our friendly team to discuss your requirements

Starter Electroplating Kits

The G.S.P Portal Range consists of our budget kits, designed for light use on small items.

From £92.00

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Standard Electroplating Kits

The G.S.P Troy Range is perfect for brush plating and mini tanking on small to medium sized objects.

From £269.00

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Advanced Electroplating Kits

The G.S.P Recruit Range kits are robust, built for expansion and suited to platers with a larger workload.

From £505.00

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Premium Electroplating Kits

The G.S.P Prodigy Range comprises the ulitmate electroplating / electroforming set-up.

From £860.00

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What is Electroforming?

Electroforming allows you to totally transform non-conductive objects, allowing you to plate an almost limitless variety of items not usually suitable for plating.

Many of our customers have had great success plating on plastic using kits from our G.S.P Prodigy Range with Mirror-Tech System™.

Our kits are also ideal for creatives such as artists, sculptors and designers who use 3D print technology for prototyping. They are also popular among jewellery makers that utilise electroforming to create unique and bespoke pieces, crafted from a wide variety of organic and unusual artifacts.

Feeling Inspired?
Watch our electroforming tutorial to learn more!

About Gold Solutions Plating

 At Gold Solutions Plating we operate as a team with a breadth of knowledge and creativity drawn not just from the field of plating but from the product design industry and the discipline of fine art.

We pride ourselves on our customer service and thrive on being creative, working together and developing strong collaborative business relationships with our customers, delivering a hands-on and personalised service with a bespoke aftercare package tailored to suit you.



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Suppliers of electroplating and electroforming kits and chemicals. Large range of tank, brush, pen plating kits, precious metal finishes and plating accessories.

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