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G.S.P Portal Range for Restoration and Decoration


Why choose a Portal Kit? 

The G.S.P Portal range consists of our budget kits, designed for light use on small items. It is typical for clients to use these kits to perform a variety of restorative or decorative projects, and the kits available are geared toward these two main uses. The GSP Portal Zinc Plating Kit is ideal for those looking to protect screws, bolts and other small functional features of motorcycles, bikes, cars, and boats, from corrosion due to weather conditions or age. It may not always be possible to replace these elements due to their age or style, and indeed many clients simply would not want to, as they are looking to retain as many original parts as possible. This is where the kit really comes into its own!

On the other hand, The G.S.P Portal Gold and Silver Pen Plating Kit is suitable for pen plating small items that require you to work carefully over areas that cannot afford to get too wet. Examples of this would include integrated features on handbags such as eyelets, zippers, badges, or other small attachments. You may also wish to use it to plate coins, buckles, or to patch up worn plating on jewellery items such as rings.

For entry-level plating on a budget, the G.S.P Portal range kits are an excellent option. The kits are versatile, boast lots of benefits and come complete with our high-quality prep and plating solutions to get the job done.

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