Electroforme and gold plated plastic Super Mario and Yoshi figures

Prodigy Range - Premium Kits

The kits in our Prodigy range, are the ultimate plating set-ups, enabling you to plate all metal and non-conductive surfaces. Our Mirror-Tech System™ ensures that your plated items have a highly reflective finish with no need for manual buffing and polishing.

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Electroformed and gold plated ornamental reindeer

Recruit Range - Advanced Kits

The kits in our G.S.P Recruit range offer lots of options  for brush plating, general electroplating and starter electroforming. The kits are suited to those wishing to start out with a simpler system whilst maintaining the option of expanding and working towards a larger set-up. 

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Gold plated antique pocket watch with roman numerals

Troy Range - Standard Kits

The kits in our G.S.P Troy range are designed for light/medium use on small/medium-sized objects.

Brush plating and mini tanking can be completed on items in your workspace or whilst the items are still in situ, due to the portability of the plating equipment supplied.

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Gold plated handbag buckle on a white leather handbag

Portal Range - Starter Kits

The G.S.P Portal range consists of our budget kits, designed for light use on small items. It is typical for clients to use these kits to perform a variety of restorative or decorative projects, and the kits available are geared toward these two main uses.

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Rhodium plated white gold engagement ring with diamonds

Jewellery Range - Entry Level

Here we present a unique range of jewellery themed products, aimed at the creation/restoration of small jewellery pieces on a modest scale.

Our G.S.P Home Jeweller Kits are perfect for replating worn white gold rings, whilst for the creative-minded, we have the G.S.P Belle Fleur Kit for bespoke copper electroforming.

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Suppliers of electroplating and electroforming kits and chemicals. Large range of tank, brush, pen plating kits, precious metal finishes and plating accessories.

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