Compact 50ml Electroplating Machine
  • G.S.P Rhodium Plating Solution, 1 litre bottle
  • G.S.P Palladium Plating Solution, 1 litre bottle
  • G.S.P Electrocleaner Solution, 5 litre bottle
  • Compact 50ml Electroplating Machine

Compact 50ml Electroplating Kit for Rhodium Plating

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Compact machine for electroplating, ideal for rhodium plating on rings and small jewellery parts. The inclusion of our G.S.P Palladium Plating Solution allows you to plate the rhodium over silver, preventing problems with migration/diffusion. This kit reduces the footprint of your working area by keeping everything required to do the job neatly in place. 

Includes 50ml G.S.P Rhodium Plating Solution, 50ml G.S.P Palladium Solution and 250ml G.S.P Electrocleaner.

With the addition of our G.S.P Brush Plating Probes, this machine can also perform the function of brush plating and pen plating. 

Images show Rhodium 1 litre bottle, Palladium 1 litre bottle and Electrocleaner 5 litre bottle (actual sizes included are listed below under 'contents').

These machines are built to order and have a lead time of 9-12 days minimum. 

Contents Listing

This kit contains:

50ml G.S.P Rhodium Plating Solution

50ml G.S.P Palladium Plating Solution

250ml G.S.P Electrocleaner Solution

2 x anode and cathode

4 mm stainless steel rods

High purity SS, copper, and nickel anode strips for different plating processes

3 x protective plastic mesh for the anode strips

3 tanks with lids 50 ml each

Overview of use

Compact electroplating machine with plating solutions for plating small jewellery pieces or other small items. Please see below for more details specific to this item:

  • Input: 110V-240Vac
  • Current: 0-2 ADC for a continuous and accurate electroplating process
  • Regulated voltage - 1.6-12 Vdc; -Anode and cathode 4-mm contact rods
  • Three water heating plastic tanks (50 ml each)
  • Plating-Stripping option
  • "Keep-Solution-Hot" option
  • Air agitation option
  • SS-316, copper and nickel anodes (strips dimensions in inches (mm) 1"x4" (25x100) for the cleaning process and for copper, nickel, gold, and silver plating processes
  • Dimensions of the unit in inches (mm): 7"(W)x6"(D)x6"(H) (175(W)x150(D)x150(H))
  • Tank dimensions in inches (mm): 2"(D) x 2.1/2"(H) (50 diametre x 63 high)
  • The largest dimension for objects to be plated is approx - 1.1/2 sq. inch (40 mm)
  • Largest plating area - 4 sq. inch
  • Overload automatic power cut-off system
  • Beige polypropylene plastic welded enclosure


Technical Specs

Name of product:

Compact 50ml Electroplating Kit for Rhodium Plating

What is the maximum amp output of the supplied machine?

2 amps

Plating modes:

Mini-tank (pen and brush plating is possible with the addition of G.S.P Brush Plating Probes but these are not supplied)

Mirror Tech capabilities:


Is this kit compatible with all Gold Solutions Plating chemicals / solutions?


Does this kit come with the G.S.P 5 Point Support Package?


Additional notes:

The rhodium plating solution supplied with this kit should not be diluted.

Safety information:

Please ensure that you read and understand all instructions included with this product before use. 

This kit contains chemicals which are classed as hazardous, always wear appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) and ensure that you read and follow the supplied SDS sheets for each chemical for details on how to stay safe.