Set of red and black leads for electroplating

Red / Black Plating Leads Set

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A set of replacement red / black plating leads for use with our 10A SmartAmp Plating Machine. They are rated for up to 11 amps and come with 2 crocodile clips.

Please note: other accessories shown in the photo are sold separately.

Overview of use

Instructions for use:

For use with the 10A SmartAmp Plating Machine. Plug the black lead into the negative port and the red lead into the positive port.


Technical Specs


Power plating leads (positive + and negative -) with crocodile clips.


Supplying power to cathode and anode.

Plating modes:

Pen, brush, tank

Suitable for use with all Gold Solutions Plating chemicals?

Yes, with a maximum load capacity of 11 amps.

Part of Mirror Tech System?


Additional information:

Do not submerge crocodile clip above the teeth, as this can cause wire rot.