G.S.P Portal Gold and Silver Pen Plating Kit contents
  • gold plated two pence coin shown half copper half gold
  • pen plating wand shown with plating nibs and gold plated coin
  • G.S.P Portal Gold and Silver Pen Plating Kit contents

G.S.P Portal Gold and Silver Pen Plating Kit

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The G.S.P Portal Gold and Silver Pen Plating kit is perfect for detailed work on small areas and is safe to use on moisture-sensitive items. Examples of this include plating onto sewn-in metal features on handbags such as eyelets, zippers, badges, or other small attachments. You can also plate coins, buckles, or repair areas of worn plating on jewellery items such as rings. Pen plating allows for precise control and also enables the plating of accented areas. 

For entry-level electroplating on a budget, this kit is great for beginners and suits home hobbyists, jewellery students, and anyone wanting to experiment with basic plating. The kit boasts lots of benefits and comes complete with our high-quality prep, plating solutions, and polishes, our economy 0.6A Portable Plating Plug for light use, and our easy-to-use pen plating wand with nibs - all for a bargain price.


Our G.S.P Portal Gold and Silver Pen Plating Kit allows for plating a 24k gold or silver finish over small items made from a variety of metals including: stainless steel, copper, brass, nickel, gold (any carat), white gold.

Now also includes Palladium Plating Solution to enable users to plate sucessfully over silver items.


Please note: this kit is not suitable for general brush plating or mini tanking, please see the G.S.P Troy Range instead.

If you intend to plate over aluminium, zinc or mild steel, this kit is not suitable. Please enquire with us about other kits that will enable you to work with these metals.


Contents Listing

This kit contains:

0.6A Portable Plating Plug

50ml G.S.P 24K Gold Plating Solution

50ml G.S.P Silver Plating Solution

10ml G.S.P Palladium Plating Solution

100ml G.S.P Nickel Plating Solution

100ml G.S.P Copper Strike Solution

250ml G.S.P Electrocleaner Solution

250ml G.S.P Nickel Activator

250ml G.S.P Stainless Steel Activator

100ml G.S.P Compound Polish

100ml G.S.P Gold Polish

1 x Pen Plating Probe

1 x Pack of plating nibs

Instruction manual

Overview of use

Full detailed instructions are supplied with this kit.

Pen Plating

Here is a brief overview of the pen plating process:

Step 1: Clean / polish the item to be plated.

Step 2: If the item is chrome plated, strip the chrome with G.S.P Chrome Stripper (available separately) which takes between 1-15 minutes, and then rinse. If the item is nickel or stainless steel, brush over with the appropriate activator for a few seconds and then rinse.

Step 3: Pen plate the gold or silver, building up thickness as you go. Do this for between 2-20 minutes depending on the size of the item and then rinse / dry.

Step 4: Rub G.S.P Gold Polish over the item and then wipe off to bring out the final shine.

Please note: You do not always apply precious metals directly over the original substrate, it depends on what that metal is.

Examples include - copper would need to be plated with G.S.P Nickel Plating Solution first, this would be followed by using G.S.P Nickel Activator, then the piece could be gold or silver plated.

Brass would be plated with G.S.P Copper Strike, then with G.S.P Nickel Plating Solution, followed by G.S.P Nickel Activator and the piece could then be gold or silver plated.

To see a full breakdown of what steps to take with various substrates, please visit: How to Plate Different Metals.

Technical Specs

Name of kit: 

G.S.P Portal Gold and Silver Pen Plating Kit

Which plating machine is supplied in this kit?

0.6A Portable Plating Plug. This is a dial-operated, selectable voltage plating plug.

Please note that this machine comes with a UK plug - to use in the US or other countries, all that is required is a plug converter - this will convert a UK 3 pin plug into a standard 2 pin mains plug. These are inexpensive and available in hardware stores / online. Your converter does NOT need to be a step up/step down adapter, just a regular converter that can be purchased, to take the US as an example, for around $8.

What is the maximum amp output of the supplied plating machine?

0.6 amps

Plating modes:


Mirror Tech capabilities:


Is this kit compatible with all Gold Solutions Plating chemicals / solutions?

No, it is not compatible with G.S.P Rhodium Solution, G.S.P Platinum Solution, or G.S.P Tank Gold Solution.

Does this kit come with the G.S.P 5 Point Support Package?


Additional information:

This kit cannot be used to plate over aluminium. 

Safety information:

This kit contains chemicals which are classed as hazardous, always wear appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) and ensure that you read and follow the supplied Safety Data Sheets for each chemical for details on how to stay safe.

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