Copper tank conversion kit for electroplating
  • Oxidised copper tray plated in electroforming copper solution showing mirror-shine
  • Copper tank conversion kit for electroplating

Copper Tank Conversion Kit

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Set of 2 high-quality PDO Copper anodes with anode bags and accessories. This anode set is designed for use with our G.S.P Recruit BR1 and BR1 Deluxe Kits, and our G.S.P Electroforming Copper and G.S.P Copper Strike solutions.

When these are all used together, the resulting set-up allows you to generate a mirror shine from a flat, matt finish without any polishing. This is essential for electroforming and useful in general copper plating. You can also use the above combination to improve the finish on existing metal surfaces as seen in photograph number 2 where a tarnished copper item was plated for 5 minutes in the solution using these anodes.


This anode set consists of:

2 x PDO Flat Copper Tank Anodes

2 x high-quality anode bags

1 x 1 litre plating tank

1 x set of red / black plating leads (complete with crocodile clips)

1 x additional red plating lead for connecting the 2 anodes


Please note: you must have a suitable plating machine to use alongside this set.

This copper anode set is for use with G.S.P Copper Strike Solution and G.S.P Electroforming Copper Plating Solution only

The plating solution in image number 2 is not included.


Overview of use

Instructions for use:

Anodes come pre-inserted in their anode bags. Rest against the inside of tank wall and attach red lead (positive) by crocodile clip to the anode inside the bag. Plastic clips can be used to hold the anode bags in place in deeper tanks so that they are not sitting on the floor. Always ensure that the water line does not go above the bag opening. To use 2 anodes in a tank, bite one end of your spare red lead onto one anode and the other end onto another anode.

These anodes are sacrificial, meaning that they will slowly dissolve through use. When the anodes become sufficiently depleted, they will need replacing.

If you wish to clean the anode bags, take care in removing from the tank to ensure that none of the contents spill out into your solution. Rinse the bags gently in de-ionised water.

Once an anode bag has been used with a particular type of copper solution, it cannot be used with any other type of copper solution.


Technical Specs


1 litre dual anode tank accessory


To be used as an add-on accessory for G.S.P Recruit BR1 / BR1 Deluxe Kits during the copper strike stage or electroforming / copper plating stage.

Plating modes:


Suitable for use with all Gold Solutions Plating chemicals?

No, this product is compatible with G.S.P Copper Strike and G.S.P Electroforming Copper Solution only.

Part of Mirror Tech System?


Additional information:

If this product has been used for electroforming / copper plating, it cannot then be used for the copper strike plating stage and vice versa - an additional Copper Tank Conversion Kit should be purchased.

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