How to Choose a Shade of Gold

Which gold plating solution is best for me?

When gold plating, there are a number of different shades of yellow gold to choose from.  Deciding which to go for mainly comes down to aesthetics. In this article we talk about the different shades of gold that we have on offer and their most popular uses.

14K Gold Plating Solution

set of two 14k gold plated wedding bands

Our G.S.P 14K Gold Plating Solution produces a delicate yellow gold tone, and is the palest of our gold plating solutions. This gold solution contains 4 grams of 24k gold gold per litre.

The subtletly and elegance of the finish makes our 14K gold an ideal choice for plating wedding bands, engagement rings and other items of fine jewellery. An on-trend gold tone, with great durability, it does not tarnish easily and is great for everyday wear.


Please see: G.S.P 14k Gold Plating Solution 4GPL for more information. 

18K Gold Plating Solution

18k gold plated wedding band

Our G.S.P 18K Gold Plating Solution is not as pale as our 14K Gold, but is still classed as a light tone of gold. This bright finish represents a middle ground between the delicacy of 14k gold and the richness of 24k gold.

18K Gold is also a very popular choice for gold plating jewellery. 18K gold pairs fantastically well with diamonds due to it's lovely yellow brightness with a slightly subdued hue. It is also commonly used for the plating of watches and watch cases.

Just like our 14K gold, it contains 4 grams of 24K gold per litre and has an additional, very handy use as a perfect primer (strike) for preparing stainless steel for gold plating.

Please see: G.S.P 18K Gold Plating Solution (Gold Strike) for more information.

24K Gold Plating Solution

24k gold plated wedding band

Our G.S.P 24K Gold Plating Solution produces a rich, buttery golden tone. Deep in tone and exuding a luxury aesthetic.

24K Gold is probably our most popular plating solution overall due to it's universal appeal and use across a wide variety of applications. 

Our 24K Gold is cobalt-hardened to increase the durability of the finish so you need not worry that the plated finish will be too soft for use on jewellery which is worn daily.

Our 24K gold contains 6.25 grams of gold per litre.

Please see: G.S.P 24K Gold Plating Solution for more information.

How do the gold finishes compare?

14k gold, 18k gold, 24k gold colour swatches next to a selection of wedding bands plated in each gold tone

Please see comparison image to see the different shades of gold side by side. 

Can I plate a vermeil finish with these gold solutions?

Yes! The definition of vermeil plating is plating gold over sterling silver to a minimum thickness of 2.5 microns. To plate to this thickness, around 5x more gold is used than would typically be used to plate a piece of costume jewellery.

Vermeil jewellery is widely considered to be a mark of high-quality. For jewellers, vermeil plating is very profitable as the cost of using the extra gold is relatively low when compared to the prices that can be charged for vermeil products as premium pieces. 

Our 14K gold, 18K gold and 24K gold plating solutions can be used for vermeil plating.


Please note: vermeil plating requires a plating machine with certain controls and settings. If you are not sure if your machine is capable, please email us for advice.

If you are looking to purchase a suitable machine, our G.S.P 10A SmartAmp Electroplating Machine with Accesories is an ideal choice.

We can also put together a full plating kit for vermeil plating. This includes the plating machine and all plating solutions, including your choice of 14K, 18K or 24K gold. Please enquire with us for more information.

Why do the 14K gold and 18K gold plating solutions cost the same?

Good question!

You may have noticed when browsing our gold plating solutions that our 14k gold plating solutions and our 18k gold plating solutions are priced the same. You may also be thinking that this doesn't make sense - surely the 14k gold should be cheaper?

The reason for the pricing structure is that both our 14k gold and 18k gold solutions contain the same amount of 24k gold within the solutions - 4 grams per litre. The 24k gold content within a solution is what sets the price.

The other non-precious metals comprised within the 14k and 18k gold solutions are what influence the hardness and colour of the deposited gold only. The tone of gold deposited is not a marker of the quality of the gold, the only consideration which dicates the price is the amount of pure gold content, which is the same in both solutions. It's just down to personal preference as to which tone best suits your needs!

Further Reading

If you'd like more information on which gold plating solution is best for you, you can browse our shop to read more about each of the choices.

We are always happy to help, so please feel free to contact us if we can be of any assitance/offer any recommendations for your particular project.

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